Whether you’re a Real Estate Investor/Entrepreneur, or an industry professional, it’s

important to examine the WHY. Let me explain what I mean by that. Why is it that you do

what you do? Are you working hard to create a career for yourself, or are you trying to retire

based on cash flow income? The WHY will determine the right approach for you personally as

an investor. Here are a few examples…

If your WHY is to retire with passive income and equity building, you probably want to look

into Buy and Hold Real Estate, and hire a team to manage your portfolio. This doesn’t happen

overnight, but with the right assistance, research and initial investments, it could be right

around the corner.

On the contrary, if you’re looking to build a career for yourself, a combination of fix and flips,

and buy and hold might be a better approach. This allows you to build capital to re-invest in

non-liquid assets, and affords you the time to manage the variables yourself. (With the

proper training of course).

The WHY is different for everyone and is the basis for everything we do. Once you determine

what this is for you, it fuels the rest. The underlying motivation will be there to create

meaning behind your path, and the How, Where, When, What and Who, dictate the game

plan. Here’s a great article to illustrate further, from Click here to read more.

Your next step? Consider what fuels you, and build a team that understands that. As Real

Estate Professionals, we’re here to listen to your specific needs, and help you reach your

goals. Utilize your resources, and harness your passion by understanding your WHY. It’s all at

your fingertips.

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